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I am a Brooklyn dad (by way of Manila) who discovered the magic of photography with the birth of my son. Unfortunately for me, my family – dog included – are reluctant models. Thus my focus on unaware strangers, architecture, and landscapes.

My “day job” as an auditor means always seeing things in black and white with great detail. At least that’s what my wife says.


E-mail: Poy@BrooklynCapture.com

Street photography is the purest form of photography for me. Capturing spontaneous, ordinary moments and transforming them into something special and surprising is not unlike magic.

New York has long been a haven and inspiration for street photographers and I do not count myself immune to its charms. The people, architecture, and energy never fails to inspire me. Within the frenetic pace that accompanies living in one of the greatest cities in the world, I try to slow and freeze this rush by catching moments of beauty or interest that we often overlook. Ultimately, my goal is to tell a story that evokes emotion, capturing the interactions between "characters" and their environment.